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The Air Taxi is another project Regional Air Suport developed together with its sister company Regional Air Services. The concept arisen from the fact that Romania's still underdeveloped road infrastructure makes difficult critical transportation like: air ambulance, business or cargo flights. This is why we offer you the clever solution to do more with your time in a safe, quick and discreet way.

Business Flights
We offer you comfort and privacy, helping you to increase the productivity of your business. You can be on board, heading your destination, in two hours after the flight has been confirmed.
We manage and operate our own fleet, but we also have access to a large number of operators of private aircraft, so that you can rely on us for finding the private charter flight that will meet your needs.

Air Ambulance
We are there for you, offering safe and high standard services in Air Ambulances and Medical Escorts. A professional team will take care of every detail in order to make sure that the patient’s medical transfer is as comfortable as possible. On request, we can provide also highly trained nurse and doctor escorts.
We organize all airport formalities, in order to make the transfer of the patient to the aircraft as easy and quick as possible.

Air Cargo
Our cargo services are a vital component for our customers in their attempt to build their business on just in time production.  For this, they need good partners: a trustworthy supplier and reliable logistics. We are here for you to support your business with perfectly organized cargo flights.
For goods with high value or bigger volume or for time sensitive freights, we will choose the best solution for you.

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